Is guest posting worth it?

Post by Nelson Morris | March 30, 2023

Is guest posting worth it? Guest posting helps bloggers and content creators to backlink to their websites. It is a content marketing strategy that is in use for so many years now. Apart from building links, this strategy helps bloggers to create relationships from one content creator to another. So yes, guest blogging is a worthwhile method. In addition, it benefits those who want to attract more blog visitors to their blogs.

Guest posting in brief

As a guest, when you go to another blog and create posts for them, you are a guest writer. And what you did is called  . Thereafter, the blog you wrote will link the post to your own site. Note, although guest posting is worth it, you still need to work hard to achieve good results. This is especially true for new bloggers. Yes, it would expose your site to more site visitors. But you might meet some hindrances when you start. For instance, lots of bloggers aren’t eager to accept guest writers. Mostly, the reason is that they doubt the guest writer’s competence. While others don’t know about the guest article’s relevance and credibility.

The effectiveness of a guest post

An effective guest post gives your blog more visibility. Additionally, more readers find their way to your site easily. And the best is that you can also put your site web address in your guest posts.

Why your guest posts should have backlinks

Guest posting is worth it because it has several benefits, some are obvious, while some are less visible.

The obvious benefits

Other websites will have your blog link that will direct readers to your web page. This will boost your website’s search engine ranking. Additionally, backlinks facilitate relationship development with similar bloggers or web administrators. Once you guest post on another blog, the blog connects its readers to your own blog.

The less obvious benefits

An excellent and reliable way of promoting and directing higher traffic to your site is via a guest post. Make sure you follow suggestions that will help you maximize the guest post service. Have lots of quality backlinks that direct people to your website. This will improve your website ranking. This is a less obvious benefit of a guest post. And the more you guest post, the more links you put inside, and the higher your site ranking.

What makes a good backlink?

An effective backlink in a guest post connects two different posts via the content created. And this is exactly what a guest post does and helps you achieve. Moreover, guest posts aren’t about choosing popular topics. Many guest sites will welcome your contributions, and so far the content you create is educational and engaging. Hence, no matter how many bloggers your industry has, you would still see straightforward guest posting openings for you.

Guest posting tips

  • The content should have relevant information and be highly engaging. Nobody values boring or meaningless posts.
  • Include backlinks to your site inside your guest articles. Readers going through your content get assured of your expertise and competence. This way, they will start trusting you and your content. And later, they would be eager to read more of your articles.
  • The third tip is proofreading. Proofread and edit your work before making the final submission. Proofreading removes any typos or errors from your content.

Why Guest posting is a must

Attracts more site visitors: Guest posts on another popular site to expose your site to new audiences and site visitors. Normally, your posts wouldn’t have reached them without posting on another site. But seeing your content on a different website might intrigue and encourage them to view your blog. Another thing is that your readers get the chance to know you through an author bio.

Helps in site promotion: The author bio self-promotes your blog. Consequently, it improves your blog’s visibility and traffic. Thus, guest posts give new bloggers excellent opportunities to promote their content and names to the world.

Helps to develop relationships: Developing a relationship with other professionals within your field is a wonderful way to learn. It is also a networking strategy. A guest post links like-minded content creators to help each other.

Makes you more credible and reputable: Those who should guest post most are new bloggers. They need them more than experienced bloggers. They are new in the industry, thus, people question their credibility and reputations. A way of developing their credibility and reputations is for them to guest post. They can utilize the guest site’s credibility to boost their own. The readers will clamor for more if their content is good and resonates well with them.

Incite your audience’s loyalty: Your audience would read your guest articles and request more articles from you. And if you’re consistent with your guest content on popular sites, your audience will continue to increase. They would also stay loyal to you. Furthermore, your reputation as a knowledgeable individual will also grow.


For those that ask if guest posting is worth it, yes, it is. Just find your niche and develop yourself by improving your writing skills. Gradually, you will see positive changes in your website traffic and blog visitors.

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