How To Choose The Best Guest Posting Site?

Post by Nelson Morris | November 1, 2022

Whether you want to boost brand awareness or wish to build business authority, a best guest posting site or service can help you take your business one notch higher. But what exactly is guest posting?

Also known as guest blogging, guest posting is a way to write and publish content like an article or blog on someone else’s website.

It requires an adequate amount of time and effort to draft a high-quality and informative article. There are hundreds and hundreds of websites available where you can post your content. However, not all guest posting sites are good. Some may have low domain authority while some may have less traffic. Posting your article on any website can have adverse effects on your business.

Therefore, it is always recommended to choose the guest posting website wisely to reap all its business benefits. No worries! Herein, we have shared a list of tips to consider while choosing the right guest posting site.

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Tips To Choose The Best Guest Posting Site

1. Consider Domain Authority

Domain authority is a top factor to consider when choosing the best guest posting website. To people’s knowledge, domain authority evaluates how well your website is performing on search engine results. In other words, it is a search engine ranking score ranging from 1 to 100 that determines the position of your website in search engine result pages (SERPs). Higher the score, the better the ranking.

Posting your article on a website having high domain authority will help you improve your authority. Some of the high DA guest posting websites are :,, and

2. Consider The Site’s Target Audience

There are many guest blogging websites that may have millions of visitors every month. However, posting your content on a high-traffic website that doesn’t align with your niche is worthless. Yes, you read that right!

It is very vital to post your content only on the website that has your target audience. For instance, you write content related to the real estate industry. Posting real estate or property blogs on beauty or medical websites will help you in no way.

There can be two cases: firstly there is a high chance that the website won’t accept your submission and secondly even if a site allows you to post content, visitors won’t read your content. Therefore look for a website that already caters to your target audience.

3. Consider Site With High Social Engagement

This is an important point to consider when choosing the best guest posting website. Look for legitimate authoritative sites that have decent social media followers. Go through the website and determine if the content gets shared.

High social engagement defines the credibility, legitimacy, and value of the website. It even boosts the chances that your article may be shared, increasing the odds of more links.

The more social engagement, the better the site to post content on.

4. Check How Long Indexing Takes

As mentioned above, it requires enough time and effort to write a user-friendly, informative, and appealing article and create a link back to your website.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that Google indexes the page in the shortest time possible. Steps to see how long it takes for your content to get indexed are

  • Identify the recently posted content on the website.
  • Search the article title along with the “site:” search operator on Google. For instance, if you’re searching for the article “SEO vs. SMM: Which Is Better?” located at, just Google-search the following: SEO vs SMM which is a better
  • Repeat this process for recently posted 3-4 articles to know how quickly articles get indexed.

If Google indexes the content on the same day of posting, it means the site has a good organic value.

5. Consider Outgoing vs Incoming links

One of the most overlooked factors when choosing the right guest posting website is the ratio of outgoing-to-incoming backlinks. To people’s knowledge,

Inbound: Links that a website receives from other sites.

Outbound: Links that your website points to another.

It is more important to have a higher number of linking & linked-to domains than the number of linking & linked-to pages. Furthermore, a website having more inbound links than outbound has more popularity and value. However, a site with more outbound than inbound links could mean that it is not ideal for article publishing.

There are many free tools available that can help you check the outbound and inbound link profiles of the website.

In The End…

Above all, guest blogging is a one-stop solution to link building. Having quality links is essential for your website, so make sure to choose the guest posting website that will be worth your while.

It may take some time to pick the best websites you will consider for guest posts. However, this can help you reach a wider audience, boost business, and stand out in the crowd.

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